Earthflower Spirituality


Upon my arrival in Amsterdam I felt more connected with the present moment.

After 6 months of moving down the fast lane, my body was feeling exhausted and I am needing some rest and rejuvenation. 

As I observed my chatter mind, I knew it was time to take some time off, to go within.

I welcome all cycles of my body and energy, as all has its soul purpose. 

I recognize that one can say no, I cannot at this moment and just relax when the time is asked for. 

To leave all worries to the universe, that one can say to grace I leave this one to you and to surrender.

As we are not the savior of anyone, as only grace is our savior. 

Doing this is creating a deeper space within me as I am entering my stillness.

The universe is showing me its beauty and love within the little things in life.

I am noticing the sacredness within the smaller things. 

The trays I step on to get into the attic where a bed lies, a room of my own, after over a year of sleeping on a couch, though even sleeping on a couch is a blessing.

The socks and blanket that are giving me so much warmth, during the chilly days.

The sun rays that shines through the curtains after a rainy day.

The candles that lights up the room in the most gentlest and romantic way.

The incense rose flower scent that stays for days.

The hoody that covers the rain when I am strolling down the city.

A friendly conversation with a random stranger.

The flowers that are blooming.

The green leaves that are waving hello.

The grass that gives so much softness.

The trees that are still and in acceptance of all of life.

The birds that are chirping songs of paradise.

In all the little things, I am seeing your depth and I am grateful for life.

I am flowing within the sacredness of my grand romance with solitude.

Within my presence I am dwelled in you.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏🏼

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