Earthflower Spirituality

Leave your love in all spaces💚

We have to be the LOVE that we already are.

This goes deeper than having a relationship with ourselves.

As by loving yourself, one day you might also hate yourself.

This is the opposite of polarities, one cannot exist without the other and only the ego mind is able to create that attraction.

But by being the love…one is only being the self.

As LOVE is what our souls consists of.

This love arises out of your presence.

Just be…and this radiant Love is able to shine.

Recognize who you really are, Pure Love.

Now spread this love upon the world. 

This Love will beam unto another soul and also the collective unconsciousness. 

Lets raise earth’s LOVE vibration. 

What the world needs now is Love, sweet Love.

The world needs you.

Leave your love in all spaces.

I love you.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namasté


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