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I am life itself💛

 This past year I have been living life from my luggage.

It was a decision that I ultimately took, not to have my own house so that I was free to wander the world.

But I never really knew what treasures it would bring me, until I have lived it.

Traveling and staying in another’s home has been my way of living life now-a-days.

I call it my recycling period.

As during this time of my life, I have witness how all of my life is being recycled.

During my 20’s I was surrounded by many people, now I am in my early 30’s and suddenly days of absolute solitude are my greatest friends, as I find myself talking to myself more and more.

Living life from my luggage has shown me that all my other material stuff weren’t that important, as I am living life with what is needed mostly to get by. 

I have become much more humble and I am seeing all of life through the eyes of gratitude.

I am blessed for the souls that have accepted and welcomed me into their hearts and homes.

Grateful for grace’s care, protection, love and for providing me with a roof on my head, a couch to sleep on and food on the table. 

I am rejoicing within the little things in life.

Becoming free of what I was once attached too.

I am recognizing that the most vital things for me is pure joy, love, acceptance, freedom, inner peace, trust and patience.

Days when I cry and feel lonely, as the people that I could once connect with I can no longer, I have realized that it is deep within my solitude that I am finding my presence.

That feeling lonely is a state of mind.

That deep within my stillness is where I am connecting with my true self and all of life and seeing that everything is just perfect the way it is.

That all of which I have lost I have gained in presence.

All is a master-plan. 

Ultimately, I could never be alone.

I am life itself.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namaste🙏

4 thoughts on “I am life itself💛

  1. Namaste❤️
    I love what you are doing, you are truly living life with feeling it not just exisisting.
    This has always been my plan as well, after my children graduate from high school. I still have four more years of anticipation. Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying everyday of my life and with my children. I guess I am living my life backwards, I hear it’s typical for a Capricorn.
    I am sending you love and light to you and enjoy your life endeavor.
    Who knows we may cross paths throughout our travels dear soul.


    1. My beautiful Katrina,

      Thank you so much for your uplifting words, we are have our unique path to learn from one another, we are all each others teacher’s walking each other home.

      We already met…

      Be you siss, I love you💚😘


      1. Being at ease, joy & glory comes more when we live freely & in the moment. I find more & more people talking positively when in solitude & finding who they truly be. I have trained with shamens in the Peruvian Amazon who convinced me to stop Thai boxing & focus on healing more which I have done over the past four years I’ve adjusted my food intake over the past two decades & enjoy sleeping in the forest with Mother Nature. When we connect with everything plants included nothing harms or brings negativity.
        It’s wonderful to read your positive new path & being lack of material possessions shows how less we really need them. Guides, spirits, angels are always with us, so even when we believe we’re in solitude we are not and using & protecting our pineal gland is a way to meditate & connect. A rainbow body is what our path is heading towards. Like a caterpillar or acorn we are here to transfigure, our stargate is within everyone. Many blessings love, peace, light & healing to you & everyone who reads it, namaste 🍓🌱🌀✨🃏💥❤️🎼🐝🐋🐜🐾🐍🐒🙈🙊🙉😅😍😉🐛


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