Earthflower Poetry

I Am liberated💙

   As I wash away all the believes, thoughts, fears, shame, guilt, masks, mechanic systems, labels, traditions, and theories of which ones created my identity and my conditions. That of which I ones thought made me who I am. I am revealing my true self more. I am becoming more and more of the self.…… Continue reading I Am liberated💙

Earthflower Spirituality

Know your worth🙏

   Yesterday my friend travelled from Curaçao to Miami to transfer to another state in the U.S. As he was transferring from Miami to this other state within America, the Miami customs asked him to enter this room so he could be further interviewed of to why he was traveling… After waiting into this big…… Continue reading Know your worth🙏

Earthflower Spirituality

Find Presence🙏

   Harmony can only be seen through the eyes of a harmonized being. Through a identified persons eye it can never be fully seen. Person sees confusions and fears and somehow it always gets dissatisfied with something in life. Person is the one that is conditioned by life’s experiences. Person thinks that one has to…… Continue reading Find Presence🙏

Earthflower Spirituality

Humans the teachers of Earth💚

 Humans the teachers of earth. Some might feel quite easy to be around and others more challenging.  But if we see another human Infront of us as it is here to teach me something instead I don’t understand this person, life will start to feel more exciting in meetings of souls. As we all different,…… Continue reading Humans the teachers of Earth💚