Earthflower Yoga

Yoga is Life💚

 Earthflower Kids Yoga has been an excellent learning path for me.

As it has showed me that kids are really open for the practice of yoga.

I teach kids from 2 to 12 years of age.

Some kids are so excited to do yoga as they tell me that they also practice yoga by themselves at home. 

This makes me so happy.

After 2 months into the yoga after school program with these kids, and I can already see immense improvements within their behaviors.

These kids begin their class in a seated position and hands to heart, as they now know that when practicing yoga we start by centering ourselves.

Some of these kids have a lot of energy, so during the class we move a lot and we also stretch the body a lot, as I have noticed that some of these kids have already tight bodies due to sitting behind their desks at school or at home playing video games at a very young age for long hours.

The kids usually start the class with a lot of pent up energy and at the end during savanasa (meditation) you notice the beauty when they find their stillness and quietness.

Kids are very receptive to meditation as their minds are fresh and much more clearer than adults.

Through yoga they are learning how to focus and to concentrate within this now, instead of having a mind that wanders all the time.

They are learning how important the breath and body movement is for energy, vitality, creating space, mobility and flexibility.

They are transforming into their own little healers, by learning how to cleanse and detox the body, mind and soul.

Through yoga they are reconnecting with their spirit and the divine creator of all.

They are creating inner awareness, tapping back into their inner balance and getting in touch with their inner stillness at a very young age.

All this wisdom, love and peace that they are gaining they will send back into the universe, to their families, friends, teachers, neighbors and strangers. 

These are greater tools of life that would benefit every child throughout their entire lives.

Yoga is Life.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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