Earthflower Spirituality

You are the creator of your own reality💛

Redemption song by Bob Marley was the first song I felt deeply connected with.

I remember I was 11 listening to this CD on my radio in my room.

Today I can see clearly why. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”

These words are beyond powerful.

Meaning, freedom of our own delusional minds. 

I honor these words completely, as this was exactly what I needed to transcend within this lifetime of mine, my own my mind made thoughts.

The way I thought about myself, humanity, the world, society, my surroundings and my experiences. 

Now I know that no one can purify these inward thoughts but ourselves.

As I learned that the way you interpret life is the way life will interpret itself back to you. 

As life is unfolding according to our own projections. 

We are creating our own realities.

How you are feeling about life at the moment is coming from within the thoughts you are having surrounding life. 

As all thoughts create our emotions.

Mental Slavery meaning acting throughout life like a victim or victim mentality.

Blaming, fussing, fighting, self destruction, hatred, low-selfesteem, separation, fears, anger, all forms of thoughts that come from a victim mentality which keeps your mind ball and chained.

I have experienced and witness the immense negativity that our thoughts can display once it is disguised by the ego mind.

But that one has to go through the rut in order to find its light.

That all is needed to be experienced in order to find ones true self.

That true liberation is to be able to recognize that the ultimate power lies within ourselves to be able to transcend the negativity to its original positive state of mind.

To find the original soul, the everlasting true nature.

“None but ourselves can free our minds”

It starts Within.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namaste🙏

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