Earthflower Spirituality

Stay as Spirit, FREE💛

I went camping on a beautiful Island called Little Curacao with friends this weekend, we had an amazing time.

It took us 1/30 hours to get there by boat.

Now one of my biggest mind made fears is the dark blue ocean and huge waves and I also get motion sickness.

So as I was standing at the dock and I saw the grey sky, my mind said do not do it.

However, I decided to take a walk into the direction of my fear and I went for it.

Well yesterday morning the waves were enormous.

I remember shaking and feeling like it was me against the ocean.

At this moment, I felt like I had no other choice than to meditate.

In a deep state of trance I could observe my terrifying thoughts, my distrust in vehicles and the ocean and I knew that this was a fear that came from a prior lifetime.

It was the moment that I could detach from the experience completely, was when I felt no more fear.

I could then feel that I was the ocean, the waves, the boat and even the bodies and souls that were on that boat.

But as soon as I got identified with my fearful thoughts surrounding the ocean, is when I felt completely hopeless.

Even my body went into a paralyzed state, I was feeling as if I was a stone, I could not move. I even thought oh shit, this is the end. And this happened because of my own mind made fear.

But what I learned after, is that this moment was my present from the universe.

As I had to deeply feel and see how this fear has taken over my mind and body.

But within this experience of being paralyzed, I could find my inner stillness and within this stillness I could feel the space between my body, my thoughts and the conscious true self.

The space where being resides is who I really am.

I could see that this person was not the true me, rather an identity that was experiencing a panic attack. 

Two friends were guiding me through this, with their touch, light and love, an awareness started to occur and also a deeper sense of love, reliability and trust arose. As my friends have opened a space within me and I have realized that yes I can trust others, something of which I had lost because of some of my previous experiences in life. 

Afterwards I felt an immense inner peace, as I knew that consciousness was the force behind it all. 

As it was letting me see that spirit is always safe and free.

Stay as spirit, FREE.

Elaine Prince💛Om-Namaste🙏


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