Earthflower Spirituality


  Pacha Mama.

My deepest connection is with you.

So blessed by your many treasures, the soil, plants, tree’s, waters, medicine and food.

So grateful for your many escapades, the blissful oceans, the mountains and forest. 

I dedicate my life in honoring you, in creating awareness for you and in reforesting you. 

My love for the environment will not go to waste.

Mother Earth I am here for you everyday.

My calling is you.

I pray to awaken the love, peace and unity in all beings on earth.

I pray to awaken the inner eye of all human beings, so that all can see that we as humans, animals, plants, tree’s, the land and sea, that we are all one.

I pray to de solve the delusion of country, race and hierarchy that exist here on earth and to reawaken the vibration of love back on earth, which is the highest vibration.

Earth is created for us, let us protect and conserve this magic. Let us all live through our hearts and within the oneness of one Earth.

Gaia I pray for the purification of your waters,  land, sky, for healthy and organic foods and for food-forest across the world. 

For an increase of consciousness vibration and clarity so that all beings are able to focus on their highest potential while creating a unified, pure and conscious new earth. 

Join us Earthflowers.

Happy Earthday may everyday be Earthday for all of us.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏


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