Earthflower Spirituality

The path of self discovery💙

Beam your light and love fully on to another soul.

As one never truly knows what another soul is going through in life.

We are so caught up between the web of society and we have forgotten that we are truly spiritual beings living an earthly life.

That our inward is the most important version of ourselves.

We forgot how important treatment is.

This treatment start within us.

How we treat our bodies, minds and souls is how we will treat another soul.

We are so caught up within the illusion of life, always on the run, our concentration always on the material things and creating no time to connect within and so we forgot that we are all brothers and sisters.

That we are deeply connected through spirit.

That we are mirrors of one another.

That we are here to reawaken consciousness back into our lives and that we are all walking each other home.

That we are connected through many lives before this one and that we are each others projections within this earthly plane.

So that our souls can learn and grow from within our experiences and relationships. 

We have forgotten that we are on a spiritual evolution.

A path of self discovery and oneness.

Remember ?

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namaste🙏


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