Earthflower Spirituality

Honor this moment💙

Honor this moment fully.

The days of rain, thunder or sunlight honor all experiences fully.

Whatever you are experiencing stay present.

As at times one has a different vision to what they wish to be doing in their life.

For example one wants to be an actress and is working as a waitress.

Or if one is single and wants to be in an relationship.

Maybe it totally differs to what you wish but it is exactly what life wants you to experience in this now.

Have a complete awareness to what life wants you to experience.

As it is exactly what your soul is needing to experience because you are experiencing it at the moment.

Maybe not forever but for this moment accept it, do everything you do by being aware of the experience.

Cherish each moment.

Be open.

Be of serves to the divine consciousness.

As it is within these moments when one is fully present that the universal consciousness is able to work through you and expand its way on earth.

Surrender to this moment so that presence is able to arise. 

Accept it fully so that within all moments transcendence, growth and a better knowing of which way to go or not is able to happen.

Be present.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namaste🙏

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