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Things are looking up !

Today marks a year that I went to Costa Rica for my teacher training at Selva armonia.

How much amazing changes came with it !

Costa Rica was the best thing that could have ever happen to me.

I went to Costa Rica with my pain, fears, distrust and anxieties and I left my old identity there !

I became free of so much.

I now feel so much light, so much space, so much being.

Everyone that I met played a huge role into who I am today.

As so I am so grateful and blessed to have experienced a part of life with them.

Costa Rica was the birth of Earthflower.

I remember sitting at the dining table at selva with my soul sisters that I reconnected with at the yoga teacher training discussing brand names, right there and then @elainehippie on instagram transformed into @earthflower

It was also at selva the day of a cacao ceremony ritual that I had a very intense experience with nature, right there and then I knew that my path had a deep connection with the environment.

During my final travel days in Costa Rica I have experienced the dance with ayahuasca and right there and then I had my rebirth in life.

Today I see life more clearer than ever.

I now am able to see all of which I envision coming into my presence.

I am still healing and I am open for healing throughout my life, yet now I fully know that all of which I went and will go through was and is the best for my soul evolution here on earth.

As so I am truly blessed.

Costa Rica I love you, See you soon.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏


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