Earthflower Spirituality

Awaken yourself to the truth of Life💙

Do not take life too seriously, as this game is yours to change.

Change is the only thing consistent on earth. 

One day you may feel like you are flying high as kite.

The other day you may feel like you are as low as a worm running in soil.

To the kite it is only experiencing the feeling of flying with the wind, to the worm it is only moving through soil.

However both of them has its purpose, both experiences have immense value.

Why are they valuable ?

Because you are experiencing them at the moment.

Non is better than the other, non is superior than the other. It is just different experiences that consciousness wanted to have.

So instead of crying over spilled milk, why not stand still and listen and see life through the eyes of consciousness not of the unconscious mind.

We are all sons and daughters of the divine consciousness, all lives are able to be fantastic.

It is only the way you think about life creates the way you see life.

To one it might feel like life has endless drama and suffering.

To an awaken soul one starts seeing the beauty that exists right before their eyes.

An inner seeing and inner knowingness that we are all special, blessed and victorious. 

That we are spiritual beings not earthly beings, that this earthly life is a temporarily experience.

That life is just happening and that we are the creators of our own path.

That we need to tap back into our inner alchemist, the one who is able to transcend all into light.

Awaken yourself to the truth of life.

So that peace, freedom, joy and bliss are able to find you.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namaste🙏

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