Earthflower Spirituality

Life is our greatest teacher💙

Our greatest teacher is our life experiences.

It is through them that we are able to learn and grow.

As our life experiences are our life lessons.

Sometimes the lessons can be quite challenging. Making us scream and weep, like life has ripped our heart in two. And one has no control into what is happening.

But it is through these life experiences that transcendence is able to occur. 

It is via these life lessons that we are able to change from within. 

As growth can only happen when one has found the meaning of life.

That we are not the victims of this earthly life but that we are the warriors and the builders of life. 

As all experiences given by the divine creator of life is the life lessons that one is needing for ones soul growth.

As so all experiences given to us is one that we are able to handle, as the source of all life is the one that is moving you through these life experiences.

As so all is meant to be as it is.

With acceptance one will find ones ability to see life lessons clearly.

With trust one is able to surrender to the experience and grow from within the experience.

With understanding one is able to transcend oneself into an enlightened soul. 

Surrender to the flow of life.

The Universe has your back. 

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namaste🙏

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