Earthflower Spirituality

The World is my Yoga Studio🙏

“I am a yoga-teacher, the world is my yoga studio”

As I was staring at the view in front of me, a realization came upon me that I have been teaching yoga for over a year.

This passion started 5 years ago, during my minor of psychology at work.

We had to do a stress resistant class. I had a couple of yoga books at home so I decided to take the leap of faith to practice for a couple of days via youtube so that I could teach this class of yoga for the 1st time.

The responses from my class mates and teacher was extremely positive, they even thought that I was already a yoga teacher.

Now, because Amsterdam was so cold during that period and it took me too much effort and money to travel from point a to b in the cold weather to a yoga studio, I’ve decided back then to practice yoga via youtube. And so I became a self taught yogi.

After my bachelor graduation in October of 2014 I started to share my love for yoga through karma yoga.

During those days the weather was alright so my yoga studio was a park in Amsterdam, here I taught yoga to friends and family.

Afterwards I travelled to Curaçao, here as well I did practice karma yoga by teaching yoga to friends and family and my yoga studio was the beach.

After Curaçao  I went back to Amsterdam and won my yoga teacher training in March ’15 at Selva Armonia which brought me to the jungles of Costa Rica, the training expected us to take the role of a teacher daily so my yoga studio was a yoga deck in the middle of the jungle.

From Costa Rica I travelled back to Curaçao and taught yoga on the beaches of Curaçao, now as a certified yoga teacher.

After Curaçao I travelled back to Amsterdam during the summer days my yoga studio was a dog park, during the rainy days my yoga studio was my sister’s living room and during the winter days my yoga studio was a Pop-up store and I continued with my karma yoga which I taught in a yoga studio.

Now back in Curaçao to share my love for yoga and my studio is this view right here.

I chose this lifestyle as my true nature wanted to experience freedom.

What this has taught me is that yoga can be shared everywhere, yoga is truly Freedom.

Now, I wonder where life will take me next.

I am Blessed.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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