Earthflower Spirituality

Live life freely instead of fearfully🙏

 Don’t let fear hinder your progress in life. Whenever one might feel a deep sense of calling to do something with a more meaningful purpose into ones life, fearful thoughts creeps in. Telling you it is not your time, its a stupid idea, you don’t have the money neither the time. But what we have…… Continue reading Live life freely instead of fearfully🙏

Earthflower Spirituality

The Universe has your back🙏

   Sometimes there are major events that happens in our lives that we have no control of. It comes like a rainfall during a sunny day. Just when things seems to go smoothly. Bam, life wants to teach us something ! Soon after the lesson occur, our emotions starts to run wild. We might get…… Continue reading The Universe has your back🙏

Earthflower Spirituality

The World is my Yoga Studio🙏

“I am a yoga-teacher, the world is my yoga studio” As I was staring at the view in front of me, a realization came upon me that I have been teaching yoga for over a year. This passion started 5 years ago, during my minor of psychology at work. We had to do a stress…… Continue reading The World is my Yoga Studio🙏

Earthflower Poetry

Love yourself First❤️

   Love yourself the way you’ve always wanted to receive love. Support yourself the way you’ve always wanted to be supported. Like yourself the way you’ve always wanted to be liked.  Be a friend to yourself they way you’ve always longed for in a friendship. Be at peace with yourself the way you’ve always wanted…… Continue reading Love yourself First❤️

Earthflower Spirituality

Change your Perspective💛

 See all the blessings that life showers us with right before our eyes. The Soul that feels your heart. A pet that shows unconditional love. A tree that teaches about its strength. The Weather that is just a temporarily passer by. Any Shelter that creates warmth. Water that nourishes the body. Health that keeps you…… Continue reading Change your Perspective💛

Earthflower Spirituality

Follow your own unique path🙏

 Forget what they said and how they said it should be. Follow your own unique path. The warrior inside you knows that there are no real blockages, until you believe they exist. Believe in all that you are able and that everything will fall into place in its own divine timing. Meaning the timing that…… Continue reading Follow your own unique path🙏

Earthflower Spirituality

Change our mindset, change our Lives🙏

   Life can be quite challenging if one has not yet liberated the mind. With this I mean the liberation of our own programmed and conditioned minds shaped by our identities, believe systems, culture and habits. As all humans are living in a different world set by their human minds. As so everyone projects life…… Continue reading Change our mindset, change our Lives🙏