Earthflower Spirituality

Create more space into your life💚

 Don’t get caught by anyone or any worldly drama.

Instead of being the voice or action of outward fears which creates more low vibrational energy of fears in you and in this world, be the action of positive change.

Take care of your body, mind and soul by releasing old toxins.

Take an art class, a dancing class, do some gardening, go swimming, take a walk in nature, do yoga, meditation, sports or fitness.

Taking care of yourself will create more space into your body.

More space creates more energy and it clears the mind enabling it to open up to more creativity and positive solutions.

Do something that creates a positive difference to yourself and to the world. 

Talk with assertiveness by using uplifting words that motivates and encourages one another.

Be the spirit that lights the world through your written and spoken words and actions.

Be the person that does something that makes the world a better place. 

Be the Change beautiful Soul.

Elaine Prince💙Om-Namaste🙏

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