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The body is our temple💚


Why are we treating our bodies wrongly ? 

Why aren’t we waking up to the truth of having a clean water, of having healthy food and for having a shelter accessible for all beings on earth ?

In this day and age it is our own responsibility to awaken ourselves to this truth?

So why do we constantly treat our bodies poorly by using these products ? 

Well, firstly it isn’t our fault. 

We were brought up and programmed by a society that lives on soda’s and fast food.

Because it is mostly quick and affordable.

This is what the current system did to us.

It did not teach us about how to grow your own healthy food and what is the best for the environment.

No, it taught us that we should get a degree either were fucked ! 
So instead of giving us faith in life, it gave us fears about living life !

So with the Earthflower Tribe movement we want to change this.
We want to teach a child and grown-up how to live life by going back to basics basically.

Why children ? Because they are our future !

So we started with the gofundme for Antheia Permafarm project.
We are working on creating funds to build the first non-gmo, non-pesticides food forest for the island of Curacao.

All the produces will be at the local price meaning not the expensive organic foods that one finds at your local grocery store.

As, we want to create fair low cost prices for the whole Island by offering weekly farmers market with daily harvest.

And not only in Curacao, we want to continue with this movement by creating a cooperative system with permaculture farmers throughout the world.

So my friends here all of you can contribute, in the above gofundme link the bio one can read the story about the Environment cause in Curacao and if one wishes to one can donate whatever for this needed cause.

By helping us (even with 0,50 cents) and we are giving back by starting a permaculture page for this 8 acre land and all details and progress of this land will be shared daily on this page so that others are able to learn about permaculture and reforestation from their own home. 

So my friends, let’s help in creating a change together, you have the chance to be this Change🌳

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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