Earthflower Spirituality

It is Written🙏

 Maktub meaning, it is written.

We can easily grow from all the experiences of our lives by always focusing on love, like an alchemist.

 As, all is written. 

So, instead of living life by taking everything too seriously, see the meaning of it all through the eyes of love. 

Explore Life, live life responsibly in awareness to other human beings, animals, nature, earth in a whole. 

However it is important to relax, have fun, take risks and to enjoy the ride ! 

All is well. 

Earth is our school and it has many wonders that is available for us all to explore. 

So live life freely, instead of living life fearfully. 

Balance is the only key. 

Balance is created by flowing freely through trust, love and the spirit. 

As Balance is what we truly are. 

Enjoy life ! 

Earth is our magical chosen playground !

Love and enjoy your home ! 
Live, laugh, love, explore Life Earthflowers ! 


Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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