Earthflower Poetry

Change is what makes us grow💚

The only thing that is consistent on earth is change.

As all experiences are temporarily.
So why not accept all the experiences that life wishes for us to explore, instead of resisting it.

From being stuck in the traffic jam to having five green lights in a row.

From experiencing solitude to sitting around a table with friends and family.

From walking in the rain during fall times to sitting in the park during the summer days.

From experiencing noisy streets to experiencing silent waiting rooms.

From having so much to do to having nothing at all to do.

From being the driver behind the wheel to being the passenger on the side.

From having only enough money to buy bread to having enough to be able to feed an entire group of friends.

From being single to being in a relationship.

From being homeless to having your own special designed home.

From having enough energy to run, train and yoga to having less energy that the only thing one wishes to do is to lie on their back.

From the yin to the yang.

All are part of what makes life here on earth so special.

All of which creates growth in ones life.

But at the end to be able to find the one thing, that one we can always go back to in all life experiences, the unchangeable, the consistent true self.

It starts Within🙏

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏


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