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Help us Reforest the island of Curacao 🌳🌳

Plant seeds that generates food for a whole community. My friends, I want to share my brother’s Ruben Prince path. He is a self taught permaculture farmer. Since childhood he’s been fascinated by nature. If we would ask our mother for a gift he would always ask for seeds, plants and soil.

My brother has this 8 acre land now and he has started with his own permaculture farm named Antheia Permafarm, which is situated on the Island of Curacao in the caribbean.

He started to work for a year already cleaning up the land with his bare hands. All this passion and dedication for the love of the environment.

As he wants to repair the current vegetation on the island, because of the immense deforestation’s that occur during the 1500’s.

So he wants to turn this land into a food forrest, which will be the very first on the island of Curacao.

Which in contrast will generate organic, sustainable thus healthy non-gmo foods. And also a great amount of workflow will be created and knowledge will be shared for the people that wants to be in the farm life.

As it will also raise the conciousness vibration on mother earth.

This is how he wants to be the change by doing reforestation and creating a permaculture which will turn into a food forrest for the island of Curacao.

Because he is a self taught farmer and he is not yet financially able to buy all the supplies that is needed for this huge movement, this process has been taking him far too long to accomplish. So I am showing my love for him, I started a gofundme for my brother and with your help my friends, by donating whatever you wish to even 0,50 cents, will help him to be able to make immense progress with this beautiful go green project.

Also further progress photos and blog stories of the perma-culture farm and my brother’s own shared tips on diy perma-farm will be shared from my page, until I start a page for him, as my brother is very much laid back when it comes to social media, that is why I am doing this for him.
So please my friends go on the , and if you have the means and you feel like giving back and helping to create a change in the environment we are open to receive your love.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you my friends, let’s change this world by helping to create a change together, We are One.

I love you all ! 



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