Earthflower Spirituality

Self Like Buttom👍

 Now-a-days we live in a generation that is blinded by the illusion of followers and likes.

I have learned that the true acceptance of oneself starts from within.

As for me I had the same delusional emotions, as to why aren’t they liking my photos ? These thoughts arose from time to time.

These ego based thoughts made me believe that by receiving a like or follow from another, would made it seem to my mind that these people like and accept me. And yes of-course, it is sweet to receive likes and comments from others showing their love and appreciation. 

But what use does this have if you haven’t find this own self love and self acceptance for yourself ?

I have realized that this love should firstly come from within ourselves. As I started to see that I needed to like myself more and that I needed to love myself more. 

Because you see my friends, we are the only ones that can make ourselves feel liked and loved.

This feeling of I love myself and I love life can only derive from the spirit, not in outside likes, comments or follows. 

As we are the only ones that can make ourselves feel loved and connected with the world around us.

It is not via outside likes or followers that we will start to feel loved and accepted, it is all via the love that resides within ourselves. 

As one can have 10 likes/ 40 followers and the other 5000 likes/100k followers and both can still feel miserable and not loved. 

Because the true Like that one should always care for, is the like that only derives from within us.

So my friends let us all start pushing the imaginary self love bottom likes of ourselves.

It starts within.

I love you all.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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