Earthflower Spirituality

Your Vibe creates your Life

Wake up each morning with the vibrations of gratitude and faithfulness ! 

Ask yourself which vibrations am I sending out to the Universe ?

Is it of gratitude, love, peace, joy, faith, trust, unity, compassion, forgiveness, abundance and understanding ?

Or is it of fears, conflicts, distrust, frustrations, sadness, resentments, separation, jealousy, irritations, anger and hatred ?

Because the universe responds to our callings. 

As all is energy based and our realities of life are created via our own thoughts. 

Through our own thinking, spoken and written words.

That’s why they say that the mind is a powerful tool. 

The mind is for the magician on earth his or her tool to create Magic.

As all is manifested in this 3D world via our own thoughts.

But this can only be done fruitfully until we master our own thoughts and actions, how we speak, behave and write. 

By doing this you become your own master, your own guru.

So my loving souls, if you are holding on to something negatively and you felt this right now, say this to yourself. 

I release all that is blocking my soul into reaching its true potentiality and so it shall be done, now take a deep breath in and out. 

Trust and Believe, the universe has your back always, it is only waiting for you to act consciously beloved one. 

Be your own magician in life, create your own Magic✨

You are the creator of your own reality.

Elaine Prince💚 Om-Namaste🙏

An affirmation that I wrote for this week repeat this to yourself.

I choose to think and speak in an encouraging, loving and peaceful manner to myself and to the world, by doing this I am becoming the light that shines on earth.

I am the Light💚 


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