Earthflower Spirituality

Be your authentic self💚 

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it- Salvador Dali💚

My motto is I’m playing with Life and I’m having fun as earth is our magical playground.

Sometimes we tend to take things in life too seriously. As we are too identified with our daily roles either as a teacher, mother, father, daughter, son, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, sibling, manager, employee or Lightworker.

When being too identified with these roles we forget who we were before any role.

The everlasting free being. We forget to listen to our own self and to let loose, drop our hair down and have some fun. 

As with my role of a yoga teacher I also have fearful thoughts about would they see me different if I do this ? 

But whenever these thoughts arrive another deep loving feeling misplaces these thoughts with do whatever makes you happy, Just be.

If you feel like drinking a glass of wine, smoking a spliff or go dancing from time to time, do that. Life is about exploring and to enjoy the ride. 

It is not meant to be lived in fear of what others might think of you.

It is meant to be lived as you wish for it to be lived.

What I have learned is to not get attached to anything. It can be any form from, alcohol, caffeine or a person, it does not matter. 

What matter is that we do not get attached to any earthly form, role or label, but to remain free from attachments. 

Even believing that someone else has an attachment to smoking and that the other person should not be smoking anymore, is an attachment to non-smoking.

As attachments are thoughts derived from ones ego. The heart knows no judgements.

The true test is not that you never had a cigarette in your life. But are you able to smoke tabacco from time to time and have the strong will not to get attached to it? 

As for me I am still detaching, learning, healing and growing. But I remain my raw self. 

By being your authentic self, others are able to relate to you, by being your authentic self others are able to know the true you, by being your authentic self others are able to trust you, by being your authentic self, others are able to love the true you. 

Not all people will like you in life, but that doesn’t matter because it is not about all people liking you, it’s about you loving yourself. 

This is the start of knowing what love truly is.

 Just Be☮💚ૐ

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

2 thoughts on “Be your authentic self💚 

  1. Wonderfully put, I think we’re all guilty of attachments of some form or another feeling we need to label ourselves as this or that to give some sense of identity. I agree with you, recently this year I quit smoking cigarettes and stopped eating meat, yet I know that is also an illusion and from time to time I will have a smoke and eat meat once in a great while so I’m not hung up thinking one way compared to another, one extreme is no better than another and life is meant to be experienced and lived to the fullest not compartmentalized into some genre we’re groomed to think is correct from a social stand point, do what makes you happy… thank you


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