Earthflower Spirituality

An Emotion vs a Feeling✨

Acceptance, sometimes is a difficult thing for my mind to comprehend with, as I tend to react really emotionally at times.

When my emotions gets the best of me, is when I know that I have not accepted this present moment that life gave me, and I tell you I have my days😁

My emotions comes out in many forms, at times I think that people are being treated unfair within humanity and that life can be intense. 

So I get angry, and I say stuff like, I am tired or I tend to cry out of sadness and frustration.

This is one stage that I tend to get into if I haven’t accepted something in my present moment. 

But I’ve realized that these emotions come out whenever a negative thought arises.

Now where do these thoughts arrive from, one might ask. 

Well what I’ve discovered is that these thoughts are our own pre-conditions mental patterns about our life experiences.

These are experiences that happened to us when we were younger or in the near past that became our mental conditions.

Now when life throws us something unexpected of which we have no control off, our identified pre-conditioned minds tends to create a thought about the situation which comes soon after in a emotion.

But a lot of times we humans tend to confuse our emotions as it is ourselves as it is our true feelings, but this is not at all true.

Because a feeling is something else. Feelings derive from the heart, not from ones thoughts coming from the ego mind.

Which only knows fear, anger, sadness, control, separation and confusion.

So my thought about thinking that life is unfair and intense are my perspective of how my mind projects the situation that I have experienced upon that moment. Which creates the emotion of sadness or overwhelming.

However, feelings is something that one feels from the depth of ones soul.

For example, when one Loves, one feels this from the heart. 

When one is in peace, one feels this from within the soul. 

When one is unified with the world, one feels this connection from deep within. 

When one is intuitive one moves and is guided internally from the heart. 

This is the real feeling of Love and Life, which is eternal.

Our minds has its own limitations to be able to go beyond real feelings, our minds can only create temporarily emotions.

So whenever my emotions tends to get the best of me, I observe my thoughts, as I do this I recognize that I am not the thinker. 

I am not my life experiences and I am not my circumstances.

As there is always the one who can witness these thoughts deriving from the mind. 

By doing this I can now see that I am not the one experiencing life on earth, as life is who I truly am.

I am presence beyond the psychical. 

I am consciousness.

I am.

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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