Earthflower Spirituality

Seeing life through the awaken eye💚

Showing my vulnerable side was quite difficult for me for years.

Being afraid to tell my truth in front of family, friends or coworkers, as I did not want to be seen as a sissy of some kind. 

I would leave all to bottle up inside and than without any control, in an argument, discussion or some kind I would explode with anger that would usually turn into uncontrollable cries. 

That was the way I led my life for years, in a state of being afraid to speak my truth. 

Because I was living behind my truth for so many years, I created an imaginary shield and I would not let many enter into my life. I had many trust issues and I am still working on trust.

But when I started to practice meditation 4 years ago something started to open up and that something was my heart. 

Prior to my meditation practices, I did not know that my heart was shut. I have find out that a closed heart can lead to many sufferings. 

When ones heart is closed, one is saying No to possibilities, No to life. 

At first meditation was difficult for me. I remember in savasana during my first yoga practices, when the teacher said focus on a color and stay there, my mind was wandering and so many thoughts arrived, like what the crap is this ? Haha

But I continued my practices at home. And it was the guided meditations from Dr. Brian Weiss, who also wrote the book called Many Lives, Many Masters, which was my first spiritual book that I ever read that gave me the first glimpse of satori. (enlightenment) 

After my first glimpse of Satori, I started to dwell more into myself through meditation and also through regression and past life regression hypnoses. 

I was practicing weekly open heart, forgiveness and letting go guided meditations, which was the three biggest factors that blocked my heart. 

These techniques of awakening ones consciousness has helped me enormously in where I am today. 

I continue to practice speaking my truth with confidence, love and assertiveness daily, and I continue to learn daily. 

I write this today to inspire all to always listen to your bodies emotions. And that all answers and all solutions lies within the heart, its all inside you.

I love you all💚

The body talks and meditation helps🙏

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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