Earthflower Spirituality

Express yourself fully💚

I am writing this to show my love and kindness to all men on earth. 

First of all, I am grateful for the masculine gender and energy that exist here on earth. 

Men has a beautiful protector, provider, giver, creative, listener and loving energy. They are the warriors and builders of the earth, the protectors of children, woman, men, animals and nature. 

But next to their masculine tough side (yang) men have a beautiful and caring feminine soft side.(yin)

This is the side that I would like to express more on. Since childhood as a male, many has been taught to be tough. Not to cry, because you are men ! Not to talk about your emotions and feelings because you are a men ! Not to express your opinion in woman’s discussions, because you are a men ! Not to express your femininity, because you are a men ! 

Which made a lot of men close this part of themselves, because they were scared to be seen as too feminine. 

What happened is that now-a-days most men deny their femininity side, in the fear of being seen as too feminine and losing the respect of others. 

In contrast, they have become much more dominant with regards to their masculine energy. 

The masculine energy is the most fiery energy, it has a lot to do with the dogma world, the competitive world. 

When having to much of this energy inside of you, it becomes intense ego overpowering to ones host body.

Whereas if all males have the balance between their masculine and feminine energy, as it should be, it will create a balanced being.

The yin and the yang. 

Having both sides of this energy to flow through life, is what creates a balanced, more peaceful, unified and joyful being. 

So my gorgeous men that is reading this, do not deny yourself this liberation.

Be your fully self, speak your truth, cry if you need to, ask for help when you need to and share your emotions and feeling if you have the need. 

We appreciate you and we want you to be balanced, free and happy. 

You are ultimately a soul that has no gender living an earthly life.

Express yourself fully ! 

I am ☮💚ૐ 

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏


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