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The Ayahuasca Experienceđź’š

 It started in the jungles of Costa Rica, as I found my self deep in the rainforest at a shamanistic healing retreat, with an indigenous Colombian Tribe.

As for me, this was one of the most enchanted and enlightening experiences of my life.

Although this Aya experience was a bit planned, all flow without any effort to this moment.

The sun was intensely hot in Dominical on that day, as we waited almost 3 hours for the bus, but the bus never arrived.

Without needing to do anything, a car with a 60+ year old gentleman stopped in front of us, opened the window of the car and asked do you guys need a ride ?

We promptly said yes, with huge smiles on our faces we entered the air-conditioned car and drove 2 hours to Tinamastes.

I remember we were singing Beatles songs that were being played on the radio. And these were all omens to me.

I was ready for this ayahuasca experience. Before this retreat I had a vegetarian diet for a month and I did lots of inner healing work the past years as well, I met a shaman, I had a dream about this experience, I was ready and I felt ready.

We took our first cup around 12:30 am. We were all sitting together in a circle with a bonfire in the middle under a tiki camp and under the brightest full moon.  One by one everyone felt back in their original and true state, the awareness and conscious state. We were about 30 or more people from all over the world, but at that moment we were all consciously one and we were all aware of that. 

We all spoke one language and this was the language of the universe, which is the language of love.

I was aware of my surroundings, aware of the beings in the circle and aware of who we were. I was completely aware of my divine purpose.

The best feeling to describe this moment sitting in this circle with complete strangers in pacha mama would be La Familia (the family).

I participated in two ceremonies, two nights, one after another and I was having the most magical experience on the most wonderful place on earth. The experience that Pacha Mama gave me was a re-birth, I could see my unconscious self being stuck in a imaginary prison for lifetimes.

At the same time that the shaman was cleansing me, I liberated myself from this imaginary prison and I became my true nature again, I became one with Life.

The medicine could clearly help me to see that my own thoughts were creating my suffering in my life and that I was the one doing this to myself because I was too identified with being human. 

As soon as I felt liberation within my self, I found my re-birth.

I could clearly see the balance of life, the Yin and The Yang, the energy and matter, and how conciousness is  expressing life in earthly forms, but that this is all temporarily because our true nature is of the formless is of spirit.     

As so , I wrote this down at the end of my experience, we are nature beings living an earthly life, unfolding like an earth flower into our natural selves. 

I am.

Elaine Princeđź’šOm-Namaste


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