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Fight for your planet not your country🌍🌏🌎

When one fights for the rights of all beings on the planet, one is fighting for our Mother Earth, one is fighting for humanity.

Being born on different countries, has nothing to do with being different from anyone else.

We are all the same, born with a psychical body here on earth, derived from the same divine light and we all go through the same issues and we all feel the same emotions.

The truth is, all that we really want, is Love on earth.

When one recognizes the love, light, peace, beauty and truth within themselves, one immediately recognize the same, within all beings on planet earth, and suddenly a feeling of oneness, togetherness and unity arises.

So why deny ourselves that ?

Let’s recognize this Love, embrace this love and be the Love for yourself and all others.

By being the change.

By caring, feeling and fighting for the rights of yourself and all others, through the eyes of Love and not through the outside world illusion of background, color, culture, sex, language, religion or believes that the other person or country might have.

But by the inward truth, by recognizing the oneness within ourselves, which is the eternal, the infinite, the omnipresence, Love.

We are One, One Earth🙏

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏


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