Earthflower Spirituality

Bloom like the flower that you are 🌼


Every soul is a flower that is blossoming in nature to become its own enlightening self. 

I see all souls as earth flowers🌼

We are nature beings living an earthly life, unfolding like an earth flower into our natural selves.

Heaven for me means seeing this beauty in all earthly beings reflected within oneself and all others. We were all chosen and placed on this magical universe as one collected consciousness derived from the Source of all life itself. 

Every soul is a blessed soul, and all paths are blessed paths leading your soul towards enlightenment. Life will give us whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of our consciousness. And how do one know that this is the experience that one need ? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.

As so we are all lucky, we are all wonders, we are all unique but yet all the same, as we are all One. It is only when you recognize this beauty within yourself you are than able to recognize the same beauty in all. 

I love you all Earthflowers🌺, I see this beauty in all. I am you, you are me. Bloom like the flower that you are ! 

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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