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A disunion earth to a Unified earth🌍🌎🌏


Today I spend my day reading Food of the gods by Terence McKenna.

As I was reading the chapter of “alcohol as scourge”, I came on a passage that I read 3 times in row because it has kept me thinking.

The passage was, “I believe that the alcohol abuse syndrome is symptomatic of the state of disequilibrium and tension existing between men and woman and between the individual and society” this sentence kept me thinking.

And I felt yes it is sad but true, most of us uses regular amounts of alcohol as a escapism of our own projections in life, of the separation that is being felt a lot of times on earth.

How many times after a break up or a bad day do we call a friend or family member to say “let’s get fucked up” !

The sad truth is that most of us cannot handle the emotions that come out of drinking alcohol, as it makes some people very much angry and dissatisfied. It does not solve any problems, what it does is create more problems.

So, I’m not saying never drink a glass of wine or whiskey anymore, I also love a glass of wine ,Prosecco or Vodca and dance the night away !

What I am saying is this sentence has made me realize that we have become a culture that does not solve their problems by maybe going within nature, to meditate and going within ourselves to see what the soul really longs for, as the body always clearly talks to us.

But sadly, there are many that have become alcoholics because they use alcohol as a mean to hide their problems, as a escapism, because of the feeling of being separated and not of a unified and partnership culture.

It is sad that we have lost this feeling of unity because of another men’s written beliefs about either religion, culture, war, foods, lands, race, sex, ect. which has created a huge feeling of separation with all human beings on earth.
If we only went back within ourselves to realize that we are all the same, that the soul has no identity, no race, no religion, that the body is just a temporarily vessel.

That earth is merely a beautiful school that serves for our own unique soul growth, that nature is what we truly are, I believe that we are able to unified as one again on earth💚



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