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With the help of my friends💚

 The path that I have chosen as an entrepreneur can be quite challenging.  It takes a lot of self discipline, self believe, trust, patience, creativity, sacrifice and courage to accomplish this goal.  I started to work on my brand Earthflower not too long ago, in April 2015.  I started with Earthflower Yoga, Earthflower Yogis and…… Continue reading With the help of my friends💚

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A disunion earth to a Unified earth🌍🌎🌏

  Today I spend my day reading Food of the gods by Terence McKenna. As I was reading the chapter of “alcohol as scourge”, I came on a passage that I read 3 times in row because it has kept me thinking. The passage was, “I believe that the alcohol abuse syndrome is symptomatic of…… Continue reading A disunion earth to a Unified earth🌍🌎🌏

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The Magic of Hemp Oil✨

 Yesterday a friend who is doing amazing work with the usage of hemp oil with cancer patients in Spain gave me two bottles of Hemp oil.  These two guys who are doing this loving lightwork have inspired me to write this piece about the wonders of hemp oil. Hemp oil is considered by many as…… Continue reading The Magic of Hemp Oil✨

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The school called life✨

 I see all of life experiences as a lesson. Instead of focusing on how bad or good the experience was, I want to see the meaning of the experience. What did I learn from this and how am I able to grow from this. How can I be more compassionate towards myself and others and…… Continue reading The school called life✨

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A cooperative lifestyle✨

 Life should be cooperative rather than competitive✨ I feel, Instead of living life competing with one another, let’s live life by working, sharing and creating with one another.  We are born and raised in a society that teaches us to compete and to be better than the other person.  Since childhood you are send to…… Continue reading A cooperative lifestyle✨

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Your inner-child is Safe✨

 The Yang to my Yin. This is me and my big sister !  We have been through so much together and our life stories are at times very similar, yet very unique.  We are 5 years apart, when I was younger I remember that I always looked up to her.  We have a younger brother…… Continue reading Your inner-child is Safe✨

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Social Media good or bad ? 

    Nowadays there is a lot of controversy regarding the usage of social media.  Some feel it’s kinda garbage, excessively used and that people are on Facebook or Instagram posting only amazing stories of their lives and the raw reality of their everyday life is not shared.  Or others feel that social media is being…… Continue reading Social Media good or bad ?