Earthflower Spirituality

Less is more✨

 I have learned that Less is more. 

These are most of my material possessions in this city storage box. 

In February 2015, when I suddenly won my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, I had to immediately pack all my belongings, which are not much and place all of these in this storage space. 

Because I graduated from collage and I was living in a student container housing, I had to move at the end of April. 

But, with the universe spontaneously gifting me the yoga teacher training that was going to last for a month in Costa Rica( The only things that I had to pay were the ticket to Costa Rica, my food expenses and ground transportation) 

So, I had a choice to make either stay in Amsterdam and find a new place to rent with the only money that I had left or to follow my dreams and to go to Costa Rica. 

Ofcourse the mind starts making up fearful stories for you not to choose for your dreams, but on that particular day I just turned 30 and I said to myself from today on I’m gonna live my life in the now and into the direction of my dreams. 

Well for me I had no other choice than to follow my dream and to move a month in advance. 

Moving in a week was really stressful, however I was blessed to have amazing family to help me move out. 

So, since March I have been living as a gypsy, moving from place to place. 

In Costa Rica, I slept in a room with a beautiful soul that I met there, Julia.  The two of us bonded, and for that month I was blessed to have a double size bed to sleep on while living in a jungle. 

When I was done with my teacher training, I stayed in another town at another retreat and here I slept on my yoga mat for two days with no electricity, but on the other hand with lots of love. (And it was also one of the best experiences of my life)

At the end of my Costa Rica travels I slept in a beautiful permaculture space for two other nights on a bed and when I was in San Jose at the end of my trip I stayed at my beautiful friend Anelic’s house and I slept next to her on her bed. 

When I travelled to my hometown of Curaçao, I stayed at my moms house for over two months and gave yoga classes at the beach.

At my moms house I slept in my moms room next to her on her bed. Doing this for over two months was at times frustrating for not having my own space but other times it actually felt very nice to sleep next to my mom. 

I felt that I was nourishing my inner child and I felt blessed to have her in my life and to experience life right now with her. 

Today I am back in Amsterdam at my sisters house, I am sleeping in her living room area on the couch and teaching yoga. 

But, life as a wanderlust being is teaching me that all is meant to be as it is. 

I used to have my own place for the past 7,5 years and now being without my own place, I am growing and learning a lot of where I was and where I am now. 

I’m bonding, reconnecting, forgiving, sharing with my family and friends. 

I am grateful and thankful for the universe and for life for all it’s teachings and for my families and friends for taking me in 🙂

I have the clothes that I like most with me and all the other stuff that I used to think that I need I am learning to throw away or to give away.

I am more compassionate and thankful towards myself and others.

I am learning that opportunities are endless when you are not holding onto anything. 

Less is more and this is just another new beginning. 

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste🙏

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