Earthflower Yoga

Your thoughts creates your now ✨

Be mindful of your thoughts, the universe responds to your callings. 

Before I started to practice asanas, I started my freedom yoga journey by mastering the mind.

Yoga is more than just doing the asanas, yoga is about being the master of your thoughts. To notice and to observe the physical self in this earthly plane from the perspective of your higher self.

I practice meditation daily. Sometimes I practice meditation on my bed, other times seated, I do walking meditation and also floating meditation on water. And what I have learned is that they are all Divine, all perfect.

Meditation for me is very important, it is my time to get back to my true divinity, my true nature, to balance and to unify the body, mind and soul.

I love to start my meditations firstly by clearing and cleansing all my chakras. Our chakras are circle energies, these circle energies assist in the running of the body, mind and soul.

They are like fans, while I’m breathing at these specific energies spots, I am removing all the toxins away by the use of my breath.

This I do by breathing through the chakras locations and by imagining the colors of the chakras becoming brighter and bigger twice the size of my body.

I also love to use crystals when I am practicing my meditation, as these are also a powerful tool that can be used to clear away the negative energies. 

Chakras become dark and sluggish because of our own thoughts and the environment can play a big role as well. 

That’s why it is very important to focus your thoughts on the positive vibrations that you wish to attract and not on your fears. 

Because thoughts are the fuel for manifestations and what you think you also attract and become. This is the law of attraction. 

Meditation is great tool that can be used to clear away negative thoughts and to get back to your center, your heart.

That is why it is very important for us as Earthflowers to be awaken of the sleep and to remind ourselves that we are energy beings. And energy attracts and flows on what we create in the mind. 

Our bodies are just temporarily but our soul is forever. Be the master of the mind, you are the controller of the mind, your mind does not control you. 

Elaine Prince💚Om-Namaste 🙏✨

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