Earthflower Spirituality

I am Centered✨

 My center keeps me grounded, happy, at peace, forgive-full, faithful, energized, in the now and full of life.  Life has taught me that our emotions continually change, we go from being happy, to feeling sad or angry afterwards feeling at peace and content.  What I continually learn is that we are not our emotions and…… Continue reading I am Centered✨

Earthflower Spirituality

Call it Magic✨

    The new blue moon of Aquarius will rise this Friday, and emotions are deeply affected by the powerful energy of the new moon these days. One might feel sad, low energy, agitated, confused or off-balanced, thus emotions can be mixed and energy might be low. So it is important to keep your thoughts…… Continue reading Call it Magic✨

Earthflower Spirituality

The Vibration of Love✨

   This bridge in Amsterdam has many padlocks where lovers from all over the world write their names on a lock and attach this lock on the bridge.  As soon as I walked on this bridge the energy of the padlocks made me stop and think. I saw the padlocks and I asked myself, what…… Continue reading The Vibration of Love✨

Earthflower Spirituality

Less is more✨

 I have learned that Less is more.  These are most of my material possessions in this city storage box.  In February 2015, when I suddenly won my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, I had to immediately pack all my belongings, which are not much and place all of these in this storage space.  Because…… Continue reading Less is more✨

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Living of the grid ✨

 How awesome it would be to be able to go into your own garden to pick up fresh fruits and veggies or natural medicines. To go back to Basic. So, I believe it is very crucial for us to start teaching the new generation of youngsters how vital life force food is for us.  How…… Continue reading Living of the grid ✨