Earthflower Spirituality

A Leader of Consciousness✨

A True Leader creates more Leaders, Not Followers. Yet, to Lead others, this Being must first transcend the negative and the dualistic thoughts of the egoic mind. To be able to move only from Heart, as to Awaken into the Truth of the Self. Now, the Masculine energy has been mostly dominating, within the leadership…… Continue reading A Leader of Consciousness✨

Earthflower Poetry

Consciousness is Universal🌿

An Expression of Art, Expressed through Consciousness, Because of its great love towards Consciousness. Its expression is Bold, Unique, and always Fresh. Consciousness is Universal, It Embraces all Beings as One, As it Reaches far Across the Universe. It does not Compare neither Discriminate. It Welcomes all as Love, Because all is Love. Consciousness is…… Continue reading Consciousness is Universal🌿

Earthflower Spirituality

I am Forever Free✨

Trust starts in God. Knowing it is your Savior, Provider as Protector. It is your Cosmic, Father as Mother. It is all that makes Life.  This Year has been my Biggest Teaching. I was Tested by God itself. As the Majority became skeptical,  Is she really True to her Consciousness Words ? Or is she…… Continue reading I am Forever Free✨